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USB Mass Storage Device
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USB\CLASS_08&SUBCLASS_06&PROT_50 <---- Your Driver
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USB Mass Storage Device USB\Class_08&SubClass_02&Prot_50
USB Mass Storage Device USB\Class_08&SubClass_05&Prot_50
USB Mass Storage Device USB\Class_08&SubClass_06&Prot_50
Generic CBI USB Device USB\Class_08&SubClass_02&Prot_00
Generic CBI USB Device USB\Class_08&SubClass_05&Prot_00
Generic CBI USB Device USB\Class_08&SubClass_06&Prot_00
Generic CB USB Device USB\Class_08&SubClass_02&Prot_01
Generic CB USB Device USB\Class_08&SubClass_05&Prot_01
Generic CB USB Device USB\Class_08&SubClass_06&Prot_01
Please install manufacturer supplied driver USB\VID_03F3&PID_0001
Please install manufacturer supplied driver USB\VID_0411&PID_0001
Please install manufacturer supplied driver USB\VID_054C&PID_0012
Please install manufacturer supplied driver USB\VID_084B&PID_A001
Mitsumi USB CD-R/RW Drive USB\VID_03EE&PID_0000
HP USB CD-Writer Plus USB\VID_03F0&PID_0107
Hewlett-Packard Digital Camera USB\VID_03F0&PID_4002
Hewlett-Packard Digital Camera USB\VID_03F0&PID_6102
NEC Clik!-USB Drive USB\VID_0409&PID_002C
USB Storage Device USB\VID_04BB&PID_0301
FujiFilm FinePix Digital Camera USB\VID_04CB&PID_0100
ScanLogic USB Storage Device USB\VID_04CE&PID_0002
Panasonic USB CD-R/RW Drive USB\VID_04DA&PID_0B01
USB Reader Writer for SD Memory Card USB\VID_04DA&PID_1B00
Panasonic USB SuperDisk 240MB USB\VID_04DA&PID_0B03
USB ATAPI Storage Device USB\VID_04E6&PID_0001
USB SCSI Storage Device USB\VID_04E6&PID_0002
USB CompactFlash Reader USB\VID_04E6&PID_000A
USB ATAPI Storage Device USB\VID_04E6&PID_0101
Sony Digital Camera USB\VID_054C&PID_0010
Sony USB HiFD Drive USB\VID_054C&PID_0022
Sony USB CD-R/RW Drive USB\VID_054C&PID_0023
Sony Mavica Digital Still Camera USB\VID_054C&PID_0024
Sony USB Memory Stick Walkman USB\VID_054C&PID_0025
Sony MG Memory Stick Reader/Writer USB\VID_054C&PID_0037
Sony USB Network Walkman USB\VID_054C&PID_0046
Sony USB Memory Stick Hi-Fi System USB\VID_054C&PID_004A
Sony MG Memory Stick CLIE USB\VID_054C&PID_0058
Sony Memory Stick Reader/Writer USB\VID_054C&PID_002D
Y-E Data USB Memory Stick Reader USB\VID_057B&PID_0010
Iomega USB Zip 100 USB\VID_059B&PID_0001
Iomega USB Zip 250 USB\VID_059B&PID_0030
Iomega USB Zip 100 USB\VID_059B&PID_0031
Iomega USB Bus Powered Zip 250 USB\VID_059B&PID_0032
Iomega USB Click!Dock USB\VID_059B&PID_0060
LaCie USB Hard Drive USB\VID_059F&PID_A601
LaCie USB CD-R/RW Drive USB\VID_059F&PID_A602
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_067B&PID_2507
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_059B&PID_0177
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_059B&PID_0176
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_059B&PID_0178
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_059B&PID_0174
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_059B&PID_0173
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_059B&PID_0179
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_067B&PID_3507
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0D7E&PID_2507
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0D7E&PID_25C7
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0CAF&PID_2507
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0CAF&PID_25C7
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_2116&PID_0320
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0840&PID_0082
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0840&PID_0083
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0840&PID_0084
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0840&PID_0085
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0840&PID_0086
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_08E4&PID_0130
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0DC4&PID_0071
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0DC4&PID_0072
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0DC4&PID_0073
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0DC4&PID_0074
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0DC4&PID_0061
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0DC4&PID_0062
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0DC4&PID_0063
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_116F&PID_0668
Hi-Speed USB-IDE Bridge Controller USB\VID_0E9B&PID_0065
USB SmartMedia Reader/Writer USB\VID_0693&PID_0002
USB CompactFlash Reader/Writer USB\VID_0693&PID_0003
USB Dual Slot Reader/Writer USB\VID_0693&PID_0005
USB SM PCCard R/W and SPD USB\VID_0693&PID_0006
FlashGate ME (Authenticated) USB\VID_0693&PID_0007&MI_00
FlashGate ME (Authenticated) USB\VID_0693&PID_0007
USB SDCard/MMC Reader/Writer USB\VID_0693&PID_000A
Imation SuperDisk USB 120MB USB\VID_0718&PID_0002
Imation SuperDisk USB 120MB (Authenticated) USB\VID_0718&PID_0003&MI_00
SanDisk USB ImageMate USB\VID_0781&PID_0001
SanDisk USB ImageMate (Authenticated) USB\VID_0781&PID_0002&MI_00
SanDisk USB Imagemate (Authenticated) USB\VID_0781&PID_0002
SanDisk USB ImageMate Multimedia Card Reader USB\VID_0781&PID_0100
DioGraphy USB Smartdio Reader/Writer USB\VID_0892&PID_0101
DiskOnKey USB personal storage device USB\VID_08EC&PID_0010
Addonics USB Storage Device USB\VID_0BF6&PID_1234
Addonics USB Storage Device USB\VID_0BF6&PID_0103
USB SuperDisk USB\VID_55AA&PID_0102
OnSpec USB IDE Hard Drive USB\VID_55AA&PID_0103
OnSpec USB CD-R/RW Drive USB\VID_55AA&PID_1234
OnSpec USB MMC/SD Reader/Writer USB\VID_55AA&PID_B004
OnSpec USB Compact Flash Reader (Authenticated) USB\VID_55AA&PID_B200&MI_00
OnSpec USB MMC/ SD Reader (Authenticated) USB\VID_55AA&PID_B204&MI_00
OnSpec USB Memory Stick Reader (Authenticated) USB\VID_55AA&PID_B207&MI_00
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1201
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1202
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1203
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1204
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1205
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1206
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1207
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1208
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1209
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_120A
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_120B
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_120C
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_120D
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_120E
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_120F
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1300
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1301
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1302
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1303
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1304
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1305
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1306
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1307
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1308
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_1309
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_130A
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_130B
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_130C
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_130D
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_130E
Apple iPod USB\VID_05AC&PID_130F
Skymedi USB Mass Storage Drive USB\VID_1516&PID_8628

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