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Please answer all support questions below:

Before you submit the ticket , please make sure that you already run our tool to detect your drivers. If you haven't done , please click here to download.

1. Can our tool give you the download link for your device:
Yes , i can see a list of download links for my drivers.
No , i just see a Google option.

2. Have you tried to download any drivers from the link that we provide?
Yes , i tried some.
No , i haven't tried because i don't know what's the best
If you are in this case, we suggest at least one driver first (you should try the first download link) If there is an error when you download , please let know what it is in the box below.

3. If you can download the drivers :
I can install but it doesn't fix my driver problem
    What error do you see when you install ? please send us the screenshot of your device manager.
I don't know how to install the driver with the file i download.

Please let us know where you are and what time to contact you

Please provide us the nick name so that we can contact you via instant messenger.
Please let us know if it's Skype or Yahoo or other IM. Ex: Yahoo: youryahoobnickname or Skype: yourskypenickname

6. Other Information
Your PC model, manufacturers , your device name , your operating system ,what error you have....

7. Screenshot
If you can send us the screen shot of your device manager , it would be great.
File must be less than 2MB

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